Votive Candle Holders for Wedding Bliss

The popularity of candle holders is quite immense in today’s time. The various varieties available in the market are admired by customers who wish to decorate their houses. The versatility of votive candle holders has created a full-fledged variety of diverse kinds, shapes, sizes as well as designs that appeal the audience depending on their interests and tastes.

Interestingly, you need not have to get stuck at the average clear votive candle holders but there are amazing custom printed votive candle holders, as well as other varieties such as frosted holders, colored versions etc., available in different sizes and types ranging from stake glass holders, stemmed holders, crystal holders, chandelier holders, hurricane holders and many more.

Hurricane Holders

The variety of hurricane holders in their very basic form is basically an enclosure around the candle to safeguard it from the wind. Such types of holders are primarily utilized as garden and patio decorations as they are hung on pillars or kept as table centerpieces. The presence of hurricane holders produces a beautiful soft light dependent upon the color of the particular wax used. Also, you can check out handmade hurricane candle holders which are quite exquisite in terms of their design.

Custom Printed Votive Candle Holders

Another popular kind of holder is the customer printed votive candle holders which arecommonly made out of glass or crystal. The main utilization of these materials is basically due to the ease of imprinting messages and complex designs. Also, the luster of the crystal is known to be one of the reasons it became a popular element to be added to household décor. These glass and crystal holders can be cut, engraved, stenciled, or painted to offer subtle effects.

Wedding Votive Candle Holders

Considering a fall theme wedding, you can customize or decorate your votive candles using typical autumn shapes and colors. One can light up their fall wedding reception with the presence of votive candles pear shaped tea light or autumn leaf design holders. Moreover, as a centerpiece, you can acquire orange or cream-colored pillar candles and rest them on the table bounded by stemmed holders. To add more glamour, fake autumn leaves can be distributed around this centerpiece to present the impression of autumn leaves shedding. Also, printedhandmade votive candle holders can surely drop a unique statement to your special day. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but are quite functional and decorative at the same time. Do not miss on this opportunity to grab these wonderful decorative pieces.

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