The Help Homeowners Need for Stunning Residential Landscape Design

Landscapes should be as unique and beautiful as the homes they surround. It takes time to create a plan that meets all of the needs of the people that will enjoy the finished project. An endless number of options exist, so plan carefully and keep the following tips in mind.

Know Local Laws

There are always municipal regulations and homeowner association rules to consider with residential landscape design. These restrictions may include what type of water features are permissible as well as how close to place structures or trees to roads and property lines. Easements, utility lines and other details must also factor into the plan.

Remember the Climate

The design should only include grass, trees and plants that have the ability to thrive in the area. The amount of time required for maintenance and the cost of care increases substantially if the vegetation chosen requires special protection. The complexity of snow removal or the damage that ice and snow could cause to the features must also be taken into account.

Plan Its Use

Everyone has a different idea of what the perfect yard looks like. For some people, this could mean abundant flower gardens with winding paths and brightly illuminated statues. Others may want only a few flower planters for a touch of color with the bulk of the landscape reserved for a luxurious living space with a fire pit and comfortable seating. Write down everything before meeting with a designer to make certain that nothing is forgotten.

Understand the Limits

Some plants cannot flourish in sunny areas and others will take too many nutrients from the soil to be safe around certain vegetation. Desirable features may take up more area than expected. Homes at a specific elevation, on too steep of a slope or exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations may need additional planning time.

A landscape design that offers everything the homeowner wants and looks even more beautiful over the years is complex. A professional design team working alongside the homeowner helps to make certain the final result meets all the goals. Find out more about the benefits this option offers before spending any more money on DIY projects.

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