Home Chefs Explore a Better, Safer Way to Cook at Home

Many home cooks have struggled over the years with foods that stick to pans, and that can certainly be frustrating. A well seasoned cast iron pan might serve perfectly fine in some cases, but fried eggs or a simple piece of piece could end up holding on for dear life. A stainless steel pan that is kept hot enough and covered in plenty of oil might shed some foods as they cook, but others will adhere in annoying fashion. Many cooks therefore understandably seek out and buy pans that are designed to do away with such issues entirely.

Unfortunately, as quite a few have discovered, such pans often come with problems of their own. Some common nonstick coatings, for example, will begin to emit fumes once a certain temperature is reached, and these can be harmful to those who breathe them. Another common issue arises when small divots or scratches in a pan allow food to stick, with some forms of damage even causing the coating to flake off. When that happens, an entire dish could be contaminated with particles the safety of ingesting which is arguable, at the very least.

While it used to be mostly necessary to accept one set of problems or the other, that is no longer so much the case at all. Thanks to the introduction of stone frying pans and certain other options to the market, a much more comprehensively satisfying set of choices has now become available.

Pans like these are designed to be as slick as possible, with even normally sticky foods like eggs sliding around effortlessly. On the other hand, they are also extremely durable, standing up to even relatively rough use without scratching or starting to flake.

Finally, they are also free of the harmful substances that so many other nonstick pans rely upon so heavily. Instead of needing to worry that heating a pan just a little too much will produce toxic fumes that cannot be avoided, a cook can be much confident in the kitchen. For the many who simply want to enjoy cooking and the results without worrying or excessive trouble, options like these can therefore be truly welcome and appealing.

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